Lunch with Michael Martin Murphey

Some days are just different. Have you ever just been rockin’ along and something out of the blue jumps up and says, Hey, you! C’mon!

My friend Karen Kurio and I are scheming up a big plan for some cool and different horseback riding venues in Central Texas. Part of it involves singing around the campfire at night and we have been looking into appropriate musicians for an authentic cowboy feel to the trail rides.

So, today, because Michael Martin Murphey is in Austin for his Cowboy Christmas Show at the Paramount Theatre on Congress…we got to sit down with him and some other cool folks at the Salt Lick for a great meal of BBQ, cobbler and storytelling.

Michael Martin Murphey

He tirelessly answered questions about his music, touring and what he does in his free time. Funny…he likes to do the same thing Karen and I do…ride his horse in awesome, majestic places all over the West. He has a bucket list of places he wants to go and he has been to most of them. Yellowstone, Black Hills and one day, Moab and the Four Corners area, all on a horse.

Jay Knepp the "winemaker" at Salt Lick Cellars and "Murph"

Great bucket list ideas. As I sat next to “Murph” and listened to him talk about those old western songs like “Little Joe the Wrangler”, I thought back to a dark, noisy night at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin. The Armadillo as we called it then, was a cavernous, 1970s concert hall on S. 1st. St. in Austin, that created a venue for the growing hippie cowboy culture, thriving in Austin at the time. I think it was 1976 and he was singing his mega-hit, Wildfire. Murphey has recorded over 35 albums and Wildfire is still one of the most played songs in radio’s history. I was belting it out with the rest of the crowd and riding the horse, Wildfire, in my mind. “In a blizzard, he was lost…she ran calling, Wildfire!” Remember? Oh, those were the days. Listening to the radio the entire day and memorizing every song. My husband thinks I should enter a contest for singing the oldies.

Listening to H.C. Carter tell a "tall tale"

Back to the present…what a fun day. What did I learn from this? Stay flexible. You never know what…or who…may come your way.

Tonight, he is playing at the Paramount and I will be there with boots on. I hope he plays, Wildfire.

6 thoughts on “Lunch with Michael Martin Murphey

  1. Lissa, You are one of the best storytellers I know. Your energy, your enthusiasm, your passion,and mostly your heart, comes flowing out in every word you write. It was great to read your blog after experiencing this great day we had with the author of this song that inspired so many horse lovers during a great time period in our lives when we were young and care free. To God be the Glory !

  2. Love it !! Kenny and I met him at Myrons restaurant in New Braunfels, two years ago…he was speaking to someone at the end of the bar and I promise you….without seeing his face, I said to Kenny…..oh my goodness ! Do you know who that is? He said NO, and I of course leaned over Kenny and said to Michael” You havethe voice of an angel”….we ended up sitting with him and talking for an hour or so at the bar, as he waited with his wife for a table. When they were seated, we sent them over a bottle of wine. He came by on his way out and gave us VIP tickets to his concert in Fredricksburg that weekend. Very sweet, laid back , generous man. I have always loved his music! Great story!

  3. What an awesome encounter! Your enthusiasm and respect for him shines through. I was singing WILDFIRE all through this post šŸ™‚ Wonderful… and he’s still handsome as what!
    Cheers! MJ

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