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Where are you Frosty?

Where are you Frosty?

Every weather man I listened to, every website I “googled”, they all agreed…sleet or snow this week. What happened? The mercury is rising and no snow in sight. Will we have a White Christmas?

I’m sitting in the bookstore waiting for my Christmas card photos to print. Our book club is reading War Horse and the store is out. So I sit quietly…waiting…thinking…remembering…

Little children run through the store touching and picking up ornaments and items on display at the end of the aisles. I remember looking through my mother’s bedroom closet to see a hint of the Christmas morning to come. I wish I had not found the contents of that year’s Christmas stockings.

Sometimes I wish I still had my naive belief in magic. Thankfully, it shows itself in other small ways. I know it is hiding out there somewhere. I’m still looking.

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8 thoughts on “Where are you Frosty?

  1. Very good photographies and words that touch the most sensitive of the heart.
    The little children of my family already wrote his letter for San Claus, these small ones they are children of my nephews.
    The magic continues.

  2. Yes, children show us the magic of every moment. Thank you

  3. Aw… I remember that cute little snowman!

  4. Our very first significant snow was this morning .. so you’re not too far off.

    And I don’t think I can sit through the movie, “War Horse,” just watching the previews makes me cry!

    .. MJ

  5. Wonderful post 🙂

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