When I Ride…

Pasture Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture

Winter has arrived and with it…ice on the water troughs. I am keeping a hammer with me in the truck these days. It comes in handy when breaking through an inch of ice so the cattle can get water from their troughs. Reaching in with gloves just keeps my fingers wet and cold so I have resorted to my fingers and this trough’s ice stayed in sheets as i hauled it to the side to pull out and toss to the ground. But wait! This is gorgeous stuff! Here is my impromptu sculpture. Sheets of trough ice stacked one on top of the other.

Art is in the eye of the beholder…

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2 thoughts on “Pasture Ice Sculpture

  1. The nature always allows us to find the beauty.
    We look, are attentive to the best photographic shot? Probably already we are an addict to it…
    Your shot of today is very beautiful¡¡¡ Super ¡

  2. An addict…yes. I guess I am that. From one addict to another, thank you, Carlos.

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