When I Ride…

What do I do in the Winter?

I got home yesterday, after a week at the river with family and friends. Otis loves his crate and loves being home. He is a good road warrior, though.

People ask me what I do in the winter while it’s raining and cold. I tell them , I stare out the window and wait until Spring!

But that isn’t entirely true. Of course when you have horses, cats and dogs…you can’t do that. They would miss your company too much and then of course, if I spent that much time in the house, I would become homicidal, or a recluse with cabin fever. So what do I do?

I set my DVR so that I will always have something fun to watch on those really yucky days, then I walk to the barn on the sunny, cold days and brush my horses, clean their feet, do a bit of stall maintenance and sit and stare at the cats while I listen to classical music leaking out into the walkway from the radio.

Okay…that is on the cold days. On days like today when it is a balmy, 59F outside, I actually get ON the horse and we stretch our legs for a fast trot around the ranch. The arena is too wet, a mixed blessing…

Otis is at his best when we have days like this. He runs and jumps over the largest clumps of grass, sniffing and stopping for a really interesting smell. My husband gave me an iPhone for Christmas. I am learning how to use it and will experiment horseback. The photos here are from that new contraption…

My son is moving back to California. The great news is…drumroll, please…well, you will have to wait. I forgot one more person I have to tell before it goes into a blog post. More on that later.

What are you doing on the cold dreary days?

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2 thoughts on “What do I do in the Winter?

  1. If I were feeling better I’d be doing more active things but since I’m not, I’m luxuriating in the morning sunshine, watching movies, blogging, folding laundry and napping.

    Haven’t cooked since 12/22. Glorious!


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