Master Sword Fighter- Bob Anderson

Have you seen The Eagle? It’s a cool movie adapted from a novel of the same name… I was flipping through the T.V. channels last night and stopped on this movie as it was just starting. I appreciate the movie sets that are built with tools of the time. Old westerns where the indian adobe was made by hand for authenticity, ect…

I remember watching a short film  about how the movie set for The Eagle, was created and the research involved in keeping it as authentic as possible. Did you read the book already? Romans, Seal People, Druids…a lot of fun to watch and a good old-fashioned message about honor and how enemies can become the best of friends. Which brings me to the sword fighting. When I read the news that the Master Sword Fighter, Bob Anderson, recently passed away, I wanted to do my part in acknowledging his contribution to my appreciation of the films he was involved in. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and many others…after all, he IS a master…

He coached and taught sword fighting as an art, not just an interesting sideline of the movies or projects he was associated with. Sword fighting and it’s intricacies…please enjoy the video for a piece of this art.

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