When I Ride…


I was reading some examples of Haiku this morning during a quiet, dawn breaking moment. I was remembering how much I enjoyed writing my small child’s examples of Haiku that we learned about in elementary school.

Later today, I am loading Minnow into my big horse trailer. I have my mini fridge packed with all of my favorite foods, saddle, bridle and blankets, favorite pillow on the bed ( I’ll be gone a few days) and I’m headed to the rocky-est, steep part of the Texas Hill Country, Bandera. It’s about a five hour drive through little, Texas towns, lots of coffee stops at the local gas station.

I will be competing with about 100 other riders, in a judged cross-country obstacle ride near Pipe Creek. I haven’t ever done this before, being judged that is…and I’m looking forward to learning what it’s all about.

Minnow and I have been practicing side passing over logs, backing up inclines, hopping over small,  fallen logs…

I think he enjoys it because he gets real serious and careful as we approach each obstacle.

Here is my Haiku about how I am feeling today as I leave for this new adventure…

When we step forward

fear has no power over us

all steps are in joy

– Lissa

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5 thoughts on “Haiku…

  1. He’s a beauty. I used to compete in “Western Trail” and it sounds a bit like what you and Minnow are being asked to do, although yours sounds much more involved.

    Have a great *(safe) trip.

    Is Otis going?

    • Funny you should ask…I’m going back and forth on that but I think I’ll just take him. He loves his kennel and can stay in there during the ride. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Bon voyage and good performance¡¡¡

  3. Mi Haiku – Deja que tu caballo galope por los campos, él será como el viento y sabrá llegar hasta tu lugar soñado…

    My Haiku – Let your horse galloping through the fields, he will be know as the wind and to reach your dream place …

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