When I Ride…

Pipe Creek Ride

The drive to Pipe Creek was arduous. I have never used that word before but it just came out of me as I stand here in the trailer writing. Arduous…pulling this large trailer always makes me a bit nervous. I’m fine on the highway but when I get on the small country roads that bend, curve, climb and drop, I feel my hands tightening on the steering wheel. I have a horse back there and I want to take care of him. I think of the way he trusts me each time he steps up into the dark interior of the trailer, where he will be tied after I shut the door and at the mercy of what ever I do. I don’t want to let him down.

I used my new iPhone to find my way. How ingenious is this map in a flat, metal, sandwich shaped device?! I could even follow my progress as the little blue dot, that was me, wound its way through the crazy Texas Hill Country, to this location.

Once here, I got the campsite set up. That’s right…the camp site. Minnow, with his blanket on, is tied to the trailer. Alfalfa and water buckets are in front of him and I made a bed for Otis in the shower stall of the trailer. I have turned the generator on and fixed myself a gin and tonic. My fold out chair is in view of the stars and all is well. Ahhhh…what a day.

Wait a minute. It’s freezing out here! No really, it is getting close to 27 degrees farenheit. But I don’t want to go in on a night like this, so I grab Otis and we walk over to some of the other campsites to say howdy. There are a couple of other first timers camped close by and we laugh and compare notes on how we decided to come here and how crazy, wicked, brrrr, cold it is.

Back at the trailer, I give up and go inside to the warmth of my Carlos Nakai flute music and standing at the sink, taking a sip and listening to his music…it all comes together. This very moment, this one, right here…I am completely satisfied. I can stand here and not want for anything. God got me here safely, my husband has checked on me, I am in a warm, dry place with my horse munching happily outside and Otis is staring at me. Truly, all is right with the world. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome.

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8 thoughts on “Pipe Creek Ride

  1. Yay! You made it and Otis got to go, too 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure .. MJ

  2. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    Life is about string those moments of contentent together. You do an outstanding job of reminding your readers of the simple pleasures found in the the amazing complex and beatiful creation of our world.
    Thank you for writting.

  3. Wonderful story of the moment. It feels to be there, even when far away.
    We are your spectators, good luck …

  4. Malou Prestado on said:

    Love your post, Lissa. I can’t ride a horse but it’s my dream that my daughter will pick up this skill which I can’t do. I love seeing people on horses and that feeling of freedom as they ride through the wind.

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