When I Ride…

Woke up singing…

This morning, about 5:45 in the morning, I woke up humming an old gospel hymn. I learned it at church, years ago, when I sang in the choir. Our choir director was an interesting mix of an old, black preacher figure, a broadway show producer and had moments of quiet brilliance. I loved Steven Taylor. Peace, brother.

When he taught a song, I really learned it. Hence, years later, I wake up singing this one in all of its intricacies and pitch changes. This song taught me how to use my vocal chords and the amount of breath power I needed from my diaphragm.

So this morning, I’m singing it in my mind as I lie in bed waiting for my eyes to get accustomed to the changing light.

Why am I singing this, I asked myself. So I listened carefully to the words. “Your peace you give me, in times of the storm” I think that was the key.

I have been fretting, like a hen over her chicks. Something is happening to my circle of friends and family. It is a bit disconcerting the challenges with illness and personal issues that many of them are having and because I love my friends fiercely, I feel these things as well. I hope this will be as much comfort to you as it was and still is, to me, this morning. God Bless.

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2 thoughts on “Woke up singing…

  1. squidley on said:

    You aren’t just a sister–you’re a Kindred Soul. I TOO woke up singing Elvis’ Gospel Song “In The Garden” that Mom adorded and we wore out the “cassette” of his Gospel Songs!
    “…..and HE walks with me and HE talks with me and HE tells me that I am HIS own!”

    Lissa, YOU are such a BLESSING to me! I am NEVER going anywhere–just cocooning and the Beautiful Butterfly will emerge with her wings spread out and not all tucked in–ready to embrace the world and all it has to offer! It is a GIFT to be here and an opportunity to be an ombudsman for THE LORD!

    I am finally realizing that it is ok to take a later flight HOME and I’ll see Mom when I get there….and Dad and all my precious family. Until then–I want to HUG on my family here–especially the adopted ones:-)


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