When I Ride…

Venus and the Moon…romance is in the air

Today was spa day for our little stallion, Sparky. A son of Shining Spark, this little chestnut, “romeo” is getting primped for his trip to the breeder. He came up covered from head to toe in glorious mud. During the summer and fall, we leave him with the ranch geldings and he stays in shape out there in the pasture while bossing those guys around until it’s time to get him ready for the breeding season.

He got a good currying, a shampoo and a mane and tail conditioner. I never spent as much time in the saddle on him as he deserved but he has been a blessing to us just for his stud services. Really, just having him around is a blessing.

Our stud, Shinin Pistol's dad, Shining Spark

Shinin Pistol aka: "Sparky"

I just love his personality. He walks around like he owns the place. His big, warm eye watches my every move and as I untie him to put his blanket on, he stands perfectly still while lowering his head into the opening in the front where his head and neck will stick out. He carefully and gently lifts each hoof so I can file the rough edges off. As I’m bent over, working on his back feet, his strong neck curves down and around and he nudges me off-balance with his nose. What’s up, Sparky? I ask him. You know it’s that time of year again. All the girls you want in a big, wide pasture. Lucky little man, I tell him.

What a wonderful day that I get to rub on a sweet, horse friend and then walk under a star covered sky to the house. Looking up into the pitch sky as I walk from the barn, the moon and Venus put on an amazing display of stellar proportions.


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6 thoughts on “Venus and the Moon…romance is in the air

  1. What a beauty; his kind eyes tell such a story. No wonder the “girls” are clamoring for a visit 🙂

  2. I like yu head look, should be a pleasure ride that entire horse.

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