Life is good when you are a girl, just being a girl…

Driving south, I passed through the small Texas town of Lampasas. School had been out about two hours and I caught several glimpses of high school kids walking along the road, headed for the house. Two girls, in particular caught my eye. They still wore their clothes from basketball or volleyball practice and were deep in conversation, baggy shorts and team colors. Ponytails flopping, gum smacking, I watched them while I could and my mind went back to the days when it could have been me.

Marble Falls, Texas- South of Lampasas

I felt my stomach relax as I drove slowly through town and  a smile worked its way across my face. I was remembering a time when I had not a care in the world but whether I was going to prom or maybe if my face was broken out. I remember those days. Skipping the class after lunch because we were having so much fun sitting in the park down by the river just talking. Eating another fried pie because we could. Singing together in the back seat of Linda’s Volkswagen Bug and honking at the senior guys. Trading earrings and borrowing clothes. Just girls…being girls.

Jet Streams

So, in my adult life, I’m headed south to the river. With the recent rains, I thought it was time to check out my peaceful spot in Wimberley. I got there after dark but I could clearly hear the river below the house. It sounded much more full than the last time and I looked forward to seeing it with the sunrise.

water drop on a twig shot

I woke up to a foggy, mushy morning. I slipped on my flip-flops knowing the ground might be muddy and for sure the grass was wet. The river pebbles were washed clean from the little bit of flooding that had occured and erosion had exposed Cypress tree roots that had been covered with dirt the last visit. I experimented with my camera and took some of the typical, drop of water on a twig, shots.

Rocks in the roots

As I write, the clouds are breaking up and a bit of sun is tenaciuosly busting through to warm the porch. I will visit my mother today and take care of some errands around town. Its great to be back in my old stomping grounds surrounded by the familiar sounds and scenery I grew up with.

Drift from the river
Rain drop on Retama branch
...more rocks

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