When I Ride…

God said, “I’ve got her…”

I woke up this morning, listening to Otis barking about something. My first thought was, Darn dog. I wish he wasn’t barking. Then I wondered what he was barking about and then I lay there and decided to be grateful that I was able to hear him bark.

Some doctors told my girlfriend, Dee Dee, that she has liver cancer. I heard it from her husband. She doesn’t want to talk about it. There is no way I could even try to understand how she feels but I do understand her not wanting to put any energy in its direction. She has decided not to do any chemotherapy and  is selling everything she has, even her house, to pay doctor bills. So I will go help her pack her precious treasures that she has collected while she has been here, on this Earth. She is going to keep one crystal goblet, one this, one that…she is giving away some of her special items to friends.

She says she is getting stronger and has already started healing and I know this is true. In some way or another, she is healing. It may not be in a way that I or others recognise but it is taking place.

Wayne Dyer, the inspirational speaker, talks about the gift of disease. What do we learn from it? What has it come to teach us? We came to this Earth School to learn and everything that happens is an opportunity to do just that.

Dee Dee says she is learning how to be free. Unencumbered in all ways. I’m learning how to trust. To truly believe that everything is as it should be and God hasn’t made any mistakes. As I prayed for her this morning, He told me…No worries, I’ve got her...

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4 thoughts on “God said, “I’ve got her…”

  1. Your words are touching. Many times we see the tree and we can not see the forest. We run and do not know or understand for that reason. The love of family and friends of your friends is an important part for her to improve his condition. This disease has touched me very closely, and I assure you that love and faith in God can be very positive effects.
    The writer Paul Coelho said:
    “The World is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of living their dreams.”
    I will pray for your friend from a faraway place, I greet you and your friend…
    ” God is everywhere “

  2. Thank you Carlos. Now, your words have touched and comforted me.

  3. Oh I am so sorry to read about your friend’s news but I am also so inspired by your description of her choices – and her journey. I will hold your friend in my prayers as well.

    I want to share this beautiful song/video with you.


    • Should have warned me not to listen to it before I got my makeup put on. Now I have to wash my face and start over. Wow. That song is powerful. I posted it on my facebook page. Thank you so much…

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