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Okay…time to get serious about this….

I know the writers reading this will relate. Well, I guess anyone who is passionate about something will be able to understand my angst AND joy. I have started another book and it fills me with the excitement of a new project but at the same time…will I see it to fruition?

I started writing a children’s book last year and as it poured out of me, it was one of those activities that  starts at nine o clock in the morning and all of a sudden you look up and it’s four in the afternoon. You haven’t eaten or gone to the bathroom and the book is almost finished.

No, I’m not saying I wrote a book in a day but the story is there and a lot of the details. Now I have to flesh it out and turn it into the story I have imagined while lying in bed, riding my horse or taking long walks with the dogs. I really was amazed at how I started with one story in mind and by the time I was finished, it had a cool surprise ending that even surprised me. I’m really having fun with it…



Yet it sits in my computer, a lonely child who was the favorite but has not seen its mother in six months. What happened?

Last night, it happened again. I was working on a project, drawing and designing obstacles for a trail riding course and this new book started developing in my mind as if it had a mind of its own. I had to stop what I was doing and begin putting it down on paper. I woke up this morning ready to begin again and have already written for the last hour.

I love the feeling of being totally engrossed in something. Is there a writer’s high? I believe there is. How do I keep up this drive and determination to see it all the way through? What makes it slowly roll to a standstill like a snowball that just rolled down a hill? I guess it is all part of becoming a writer. How do I hold onto my enthusiasm?

Heck…I’m sure there are probably books written on it….but the authors finished them…. They are published. Really, it seems like anyone can publish a book these days. Self published books abound on the internet. Every inspirational speaker has one and is promoting it online. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I guess I am more of a traditionalist and I want to go through the process and then see my work in print and full of illustrations. I love books with pictures. It’s the little kid in me, or the big kid. I just love looking at things that are beautiful. My mom is a great artist and I always wanted her to do a series of paintings or drawings that I could write a story about for kids but she has quit painting. Our loss…

Anyway, I hope to have one of these books finished by the end of the year, THIS year…

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2 thoughts on “Okay…time to get serious about this….

  1. Inspiration. Muses that spark the imagination and the desire to write. You can run the pen. Like when you give free rein to his horse. I used to think, I can not write. But something always comes from the heart, I know it will be good what you write.

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