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Welcome Thunder

Am I being too optimistic to think that in the middle of February, the spring thunderstorms have begun? My dog, Otis, stirred on the floor next to my bed as I heard the first loud clap of thunder and I waited for the next one, straining my ears, because I love it. Don’t you? I mean, one of my favorite things in life is to listen to thunder and watch and feel the exciting rush of lightning from inside a warm, dry place, preferably with my fingers wrapped around something warm to drink and a book or camera in my other hand. It makes me giggle a kind of mad scientist laugh. Hehehehe……

When I lived in East Texas, while my son was a newborn, the frequent thunderstorms were a welcome, familiar friend as I sat in the nursery, rocking him or just watching him sleep. Something so primal about rain and the sounds that come with it. Water means grass will grow and the grazing animals move into the area. Maybe it’s a genetic memory of ancestors waiting for the large animals to return to the plains for hunting season. Anyway, I wanted to catch at least one or two shots of my rainy morning. Hope yours is as lovely.

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One thought on “Welcome Thunder

  1. Incredible, here in my country the summer storm come and go, thunder and lightning illuminating the sky, I also shoot a picture of the rainbow came to visit, we are of the same race, I love storms. They will always appreciate a show again.
    These photographs are a luxury you shot … very good.
    Thank God the rain comes to the field.

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