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What set you on your spiritual path?

Banks of the Blanco River, Texas

Why do people start on a spiritual path? What makes them curious to know more?

For me, when a loved one died, after the shock, I began to want to say those things I didn’t say before he passed over. I started talking to people who said they knew where he was. They knew how to talk to those who had passed and so it began.

Of course, I don’t need any one to talk to my ancestors…I can do that myself.

That is how I got started. How about you? I really want to know.

Tomorrow I start 30 days of gratitude and photos. Hope you enjoy it and maybe be inspired to observe those things you are grateful for as well. Have fun with it! I will.

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2 thoughts on “What set you on your spiritual path?

  1. It started young .. as a small child in a country church – and has continued on dusty prairie trails on my pony’s back, riding my bike down a country road, or in the middle of Greenwich Village NYC, surrounded by thousands. It’s always been there .. and the path may vary but I’m still on it.

    Love your photos!

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