When I Ride…

Gratitude, Day 1

Red swing by the river

Today I begin 30 days of gratitude and the photos that I take. I am doing this to remind myself that no matter what is going on in my life…there is always gratitude, even for seemingly small things…that can move me into a place of feeling better.

Day One- Feb. 20, 2012

My mother came out to the river yesterday and we drove into town to listen to my sister-in-law, sing with a jazz band of local business men and women who also are musicians on the side. As I sat there in the community center, at a table that brought back memories of my childhood lunch room, I looked around me and felt grateful that my family is still together and supportive of each other. Friends and family came to watch, visit with each other  and listen to a friend or family member as they shared their gift of music with us on a Sunday afternoon.

The Jazz singer

I’m grateful for the rain. Texas has been in a record-breaking drought and the recent winter/early Spring rains are filling up the lakes and rivers again. The wildflowers are right on schedule.

Crow Poison

Wild Plum

I’m grateful for horses and the friends that come with them.

Horses and friends

Horses, wildflowers, friends and family…

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