When I Ride…

Gratitude: Day 2

Last night as I drove to my book club meeting, I opened the sunroof on my 4-Runner , and glanced up to see the tree branches overhead as I meandered down a small country road, along the river. I have always wanted a car that was either a convertible or had a sun roof. I am grateful for this one.

In my earlier days, I rode motorcycles. During an early evening ride, I delighted in feeling the pockets of cooler, moist air that settled into the valleys or creek crossings along the ride. With a sun roof, I feel more connected to the outside smells and temperatures.

Pecan Bottoms

Watching dogs play has become a meditation. The pure abandon for the sake of fun is mesmerizing. I am grateful for Otis and the times when he and his friend Duke play with so much energy that it rubs off on me. I laugh whenever I watch them duck and dive. One runs so hard his tail is tucked and ears flat against his head. In the “mouth wrestling” that follows, multiple yard objects are tumbled. Their friendship is a sermon.

Duke and Otis

Dog Play

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3 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 2

  1. Lovely photos of lovely dogs!

  2. Their joy is palpable; I can see why you’d “catch” it .. 🙂 MJ

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