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Gratitude: Day 3

Front Porch

I believe that one of the reasons gratitude is so powerful, is when you recognise what you are grateful for, just by acknowledging it…you keep yourself in a joyful state. Like when I am singing, it is pretty difficult to be mad at the same time.

I’m grateful for music. If I want to distract myself, that is a very healthy way for me to take myself away…in a song.

I’m grateful for my walking shoes. They are light and almost like moccasins. I feel the small rocks and sticks under my feet as I walk through the pasture in the morning. My feet may get wet from dew on the grass but I want to feel it all. My light, flexible shoes allow my feet to wrap around the rocks that make my bridge across the stream. They hardly leave a mark as I walk through the wildflower seedlings.

I’m grateful for goat cheese. Big chunks of it in hot carrot soup is one of my favorite meals.

I took some shots of this old farm house yesterday. I love the details. Hope you like them.

The White Door

Blue Window

Farm House

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 3

  1. makes me wonder what story that old house could tell if just given the opportunity?


  2. I know…I was kinda hoping I might see a spectral appariton in one of these photos but alas, no luck!

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