When I Ride…

Gratitude: Day 4

Stump in Water

With the recent rains, so many things are possible that didn’t even show up on my radar till last week.

This morning as I was performing my morning ritual hike…I realised it has been almost a year since I have jumped over a creek here at the ranch. The pastures are sloppy with water weeping out of the sides of the hills and little bogs are showing up. I can tell where antelope and deer have sunk to their ankles on the trails and those little yellow flowers…ranunculas…are going to explode with color this year. They love “wet feet”.

You know, we didn’t even have “mud dauber wasps” last year because there was NO mud.

Well, I have a new appreciation for them…I guess…

I’m thankful for a full bird feeder. When the wind blows the seed out onto the ground, I get neat flowers underneath the feeder if no one has come by with a weed eater.

I am grateful for self-help books. I know…but really! Some of them are so inspirational, I have recently been reading, “Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway” by Dr. Susan Jeffers. One of my life coaching friends is doing a seminar on it and I know it can be a great tool for moving past and through times, when we are blocked or “stuck”.

Some images from all of the rain…

water pocket

Twisted Leaf Yucca


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