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Gratitude: Day 5 and a “drive by” shooting

New friends

Have you ever just stuck your camera out the window while you are driving, and taken a “drive by” shot? I did, on my way home and although they aren’t set up well, they are an interesting glimpse into small Texas towns.Some are courthouses, others are wonderful examples of Victorian architecture.

The photo above is of the Polled Hereford heifers across the fence. On a training ride, Minnow and I came around the corner and they jumped out of the cedar trees. I think we scared them as much as they scared us! Minnow jumped sideways about 15 feet so we stopped and went back to say howdy. He will be looking for them now. He has a hard time letting go of something that scares him hard like that. What a goober…

I’m so grateful for Minnow.

I’m grateful for the health and strength in my legs, my balance…

I’m grateful for this warmer weather so I don’t have to wear my big coat and gloves.

I hope you enjoy the little, Texas towns…




Blue Victorian

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 5 and a “drive by” shooting

  1. Great photos. I enjoyed all of them and my favorite among them is “Blue Victorian”.

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