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Gratitude: Day 6 and Comfortable with Isolation…



“Don’t you get lonely out there all by yourself'”?

Whenever someone asks me that, I feel all warm and giggly inside. Some of my best times have been when I was alone. When I was living in Austin, while I was going to the University, I went through a period of feeling so alone I think I started hallucinating one night…staring at the wall…but that is another story.

Spending time alone and being lonely are two different things, as you know.

I love my time, that I choose to spend alone. I am usually in my horse trailer, listening to “chill” music like Carlos Nakai, drinking hot tea or a gin and tonic, time of day not really important…and watching what’s going on outside the trailer. Might be birds on the feeder, cows with calves, dogs wrestling…

I love to read, take photos, pick up rocks…YES! Pick up rocks! I love either clearing a small area of rocks or finding fossils, arrowheads, quartz crystals. Looking down while I’m walking is fun and also keeps me from tripping.

Rocks on the beach

Solitary sunset

Killdeer chicks

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3 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 6 and Comfortable with Isolation…

  1. How ever did you get close enough to that baby Killdeer?

    beautiful post again!

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