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Gratitude: Day 8 and birds

Purple Finch

There is a lot of movement in the bird world this time of year. I’ve been hearing and watching, geese and cranes flying back North in long “V” shapes overhead. The Purple Finch and the American Goldfinch are constant visitors at the sunflower seeds this week. My grandfather used to keep track of the first “V” that he saw in the Spring and Fall. My grandparents kept track of a lot of things like that. Like when the Purple Martin Scouts would show up or when the first Barn Swallows arrived.  Also when the geese or Sandhill Cranes were coming or going. I love to keep up with nature’s cycles in the form of individual species and their behavior. When I take people riding, they seem amazed that I have memorised so much information but the pastures and skies are my city. My livelihood depends on weather, grass and animals.

Here are some shots of our visiting wildlife…


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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 8 and birds

  1. So that’s where my Cardinals went!

    Doesn’t Mr. Cardinal (first shot) look like he’s ruling the roost? Must be the hat :).

    Love to watch birds also … they tell us so much about how “sound” our surroundings are.


    • Maybe one day when I have grandchildren to sit long hours with…I will learn those bird sounds and teach them to identify them as well. Something magical about listening to a bird in the distance and recognising “who”it is.

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