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Gratitude: Day 10 starts with a “cacophony”…

As I sat on the edge of the mattress, waiting for my dream to clear itself from my present reality, I glimpsed a black flash through the window, out of the corner of my right eye. I knew it was Otis, and if he was running that fast…he was up to no good. I stood up and shuffled to the door. “What are you up to out here“? I asked him. His head jerked in my direction and there it was…the hoof boot that I had been looking for this week. It was sufficiently mangled to tempt me to just toss it in the trash but upon further inspection…I might be able to save it. Darn puppy antics. Why, when he has all manner of deer heads, antlers, large pieces of mesquite wood and a dozen pieces of hoof trimmings…does he pick up the expensive barn items and haul them off to slowly chew to mush?
I keep telling myself he will grow out of it. I barked at him to “drop it” and picked it up while handing him something he CAN chew on. Will he ever get what that means?
As I stood up and looked around the yard, I began to notice it was cool and the wind was coming from the North with a bit more energy than yesterday. “Hmmmm” I wondered. Does that mean the weather is fixing to change? I told myself to remember to check the weather channel when I went back inside to make my chai.
Yes…I drank all of my Mate and now I’m ON Chai with all of its amazing cardamom seeds and spices. I pour a little unsweetened almond milk in it and a dab of honey. Better than anything Starbucks will make, that’s for sure.
Walking towards the house, the cacophony of bird sounds grew until I stopped to listen. What is going on this morning? Is the world just more alive? Was I hearing every bird with in a 10 mile radius or were we getting ready to be invaded by the aviary world? Wow!


Today, I’m grateful for the barn cats. Lots of reasons really but one of them is because, they crack me up when they swirl around my legs at feeding time and two…they bring me awesome feathers.

Maybe a "Flicker's" feathers

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 10 starts with a “cacophony”…

  1. My 2 year old in my arms here is very excited to see this cat :D. It is really cute!

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