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Gratitude: Day 12 and the Wild Mexican Plum

Most of the pasture is still in Winter colors of drab browns and tans. Dry grass that has broken stems from strong storms, lies over the new Spring colors that are beginning to peek out from under their shelter. The Wild Mexican Plum is a shrubby small tree or bush that is one of the first spots of color in the Hill Country landscape. I am grateful for the gentle way Spring emerges…in baby steps. These photos speak for themselves…




Wild plum bee

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5 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 12 and the Wild Mexican Plum

  1. I would say, thanks for sharing these flowers are a poem, my friend. Good shot…

  2. These flowers should be in the dictionary under the definion of “spring” 😉 They have the most wonderful colours, the last one is my favourite.

  3. Dear Lissa, I wrote a comment in the previous post gratitude of the 11th, sorry for my delay.

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