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Icing on the cake…brings me to Day 11 of the Gratitude series.

Blog awards are never going to get old. I understand that they are a great way to turn people on to other sites they might not have seen while exploring the “blog-esphere” but to me, they just feel like appreciation. I mean…I would still be doing this (blogging) if only four people enjoyed it. I just like learning how to use this website, how to post pictures, crop them, display them and then have an inspirational moment where I write something that others besides me, enjoy. A blog award is like icing on the cake and here is.. kreativbloggeraward 7x7-blog-awardonfireaward3


All three of these awards came from M.J. Thank you, my Canadian/American friend. She and I have a mutual admiration society and are constantly telling our readers about each other. If we lived next door, I think we would be close and fast friends.

So the KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD and the BLOG ON FIRE award have rules stating that, in accepting, we are to reveal tidbits about ourselves that we might not have shared before now. We also are to share links to other blogs that we enjoy. The tidbits…okay, this is going to sound kind of grouchy…

1. I really don’t like it when people wear clothing that looks like our flag. I think it’s very disrespectful. Our flag stands for the land of the free, home of the brave…not fashion.

2. I am startled by sudden loud noises. I know a lot of people are but I feel physical pain when I am startled and you might get hit or given a really dirty look if you startle me. Okay, it just pisses me off. I’ve said it.

3. If I look like I am having a bad day, please don’t ask me what is wrong. I don’t really know and now I’m irritated that you have brought that to my attention.

4. I love to be by myself. I like quiet and no pressure. I love you too, but could you just give me a moment? I’ll be right back.

5. If I lived in a city, I would take great pleasure in going to the market everyday for my day’s worth of food. I love variety, colors and smells. I prefer to eat something different every day. I have never been a make a big pot of beans and eat them all week kind of girl. I know…very inconvenient.

6. I love to bury my face in my animal’s necks. Dog smell, horse smell, cat smell…perfume from heaven.

and…last but not least…#7. I have never had the friends like I do now. They are the gold in my life, the air I breathe. I knew I always wanted friends but I never knew how just thinking about them and getting to know new ones, could be such a pleasure in my life.

Quite a little contradiction, aren’t I?

Now for the fun, interesting blogs that I have discovered while making this list. Some are actually new to me as well. I liked them enough to subscribe though. Check them out at least once…

1. Adventures on the Road

2. Deidra Alexander

3. The Alternate Economy

4. Cruz del Sur

5. Story Wheel

and of course M.J.’s blog…6. Emjay and Them

I’m grateful for readers, really grateful for commenters and really, REALLY grateful when someone likes my art. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Icing on the cake…brings me to Day 11 of the Gratitude series.

  1. You are completely correct: we would be fast friends if we lived close to each other. I’ll promise not to startle you 🙂


    • Haha! Okay, that was really in reference to my son sneaking up on me while i was watching a scary movie. I almost “beaned” him but I just started crying and laughing at the same time. It was confusing to watch, I’m sure.

  2. A deserved award, your words in this post reflect the inner beauty of your person, especially your words the meaning of friendship. He is a writer Jorge Borges compares the friendship with the leaves of a tree.
    He said: Time passes, the summer is gone, fall is approaching and we lose some of our leaves, some are born in another summer and others stay for many seasons.

    But what makes us happiest is to realize that those who fell are still close, nurturing our roots with joy. They are wonderful memories of times when they crossed our path.
    I do not know if traduccón is perfect, but I know that you can understand dear friend or leaf of a tree.
    What I do not read well? The award is also for my blog?

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