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Gratitude: Day 13 and the gift of sight

I was watching something on the television about a woman whose sister was killed in the Underground Bombing in London. That sister was an artist and the surviving sister decided to take the money that was paid to the families of the victims and use it to open an eye hospital in India. It’s always inspiring to hear or read about someone who takes a situation that was meant to hurt and maim, and turn it into a positive. As I watched, I looked around the room and out the windows and thought of how I would not want to imagine how different my life would be if I couldn’t see.  I do KNOW what a relief it is to find my reading glasses that appeared around my neck when I turned forty…

As a matter of fact, I left them back in the bedroom last night and am squinting to type this right now….

These are some pictures from a little trip down memory lane that I did last week.

When I was twelve years old, I would walk over the hills, a few miles, to my friend’s house who lived next to this great swimming hole. It is called Lakewood and is in Austin. I don’t think many people swim there now but Lakewood is where I learned to swing off a rope that was tied up high in a tree to land in the water below. Do you remember the first time you tried that? Have you ever tried it? I wish it could be a part of every child’s life. As a young person, I thought I was so daring and was proud of myself when I thought I had mastered that trick along with my friends. Now it is a big bunch of rocks with some water and trees but back then…it was my testing ground, the place to see what I was made of.

The rocks at Lakewood Park

Rocks 2

Lakewood Swimming Hole

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