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Gratitude: Day 17 and the junk yard

Every time I leave the ranch, I drive by the junk yard. That junk is out there, rain or shine and when I glance at it, sitting in the rain, slowly rusting away into the soil it sits on, I wish it wasn’t there. I have thought of it as an eyesore, a poor attempt at recycling stuff that no one wants. I felt resentment that the junk yard was what our guests and friends see as they make the turn onto our county road. I was thinking I was better than that. I was thinking like a snob.

Today, I decided to stop thinking that way. I pulled up onto the packed dirt outside the front door and tried to determine if they were open. I secretly hoped not. Then I would have a great excuse to abandon this attempt at changing my perspective. However, I could see a light bulb hanging through the window and despite the rain…slowly opened the car door and dashed inside.

old ford

What greeted me was like a giant, filled to the brim, toy box. All shapes of drinking glasses, mirrors, lace tablecloths, old enameled signs, spoons, costume jewelry…you get the idea. I was surrounded by shiny nostalgia. I stood there for a minute, thinking it was all quite beautiful in a jumbled sort of way, until an impatient voice snapped me out of the moment by asking,”Can I help you find something”?

Across the counter was a woman in a gray sweat shirt, strands of her white hair escaping the multicolored hair band that barely held the hair on her head. She was holding a cell phone, obviously in mid conversation with the person on the other end. Her eyebrows raised, she waited for my answer.

“Uh…yes!, I blurted, “Do you have a wood burning stove”? I had always wanted one to put in my barn as well as in my cabin I will build one day.

“What kind”?

“A box or pot-bellied”, I answered, trying to sound like I knew what the hell I was talking about.

She looked down, disappointed, and shook her head. “Not here”, she answered. ” I think I have one or two in storage though, and I’ll be going there in about a week. Why don’t you check back”?

As I opened the door to leave, I smiled to myself.

Now I’m looking forward to coming back to the junkyard next week. Funny…

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude: Day 17 and the junk yard

  1. Ford truck that is historical, Patagonia worked long walking paths of earth and stone, were the best and secure Mr. Henry Ford would be proud to know that today still operate in some small towns in Argentina, is a gem that truck.
    Since your post dejor to be a scrap, and is now an enviable picture that travels the world on the Internet.

  2. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”

    Loved the Ford grill, reminded me of days in Dad’s personal junkyard 🙂

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