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Gratitude: Day 21 and being comfortable

I think people have gotten a little crazy with this whole idea of being comfortable.

It has rained, almost non-stop since yesterday. Water is carving small gullies in the caliche road and the run off is filling the small lake at the bottom of the hill. Great weather for ducks but pretty soon, a person has to get outside and move around.

A friend called this morning asking what I was doing today and I said I was going to the barn to rub on all the horses. They are shedding pretty hard right now and I try to pull as much loose hair off of them as I can so they look slick as soon as possible.

She said, “But it’s raining out there. You’ll get wet”

Really? Since when has that been a reason to not go outside? I mean, how did the West ever get settled? Did our ancestors hook up to the covered wagons or go hunting only on the nice, sunny days? How did we turn into such white cake muffins?

Okay, I love to watch movies on rainy days. I have watched two today and eaten everything in the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, if I stood out in the rain, I might melt, I have eaten so much sugar…

But the truth is, life is so easy for most of us that we do have the luxury of sitting inside during inclement weather. I don’t have to split logs, plow a field or hunt for supper. Those are just fun things to do now that they aren’t required.

I’m grateful for my comfortable life, but there is something so satisfying about being uncomfortable. Makes me feel alive…hmmm. That actually explains a lot of my not so great life choices.

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