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Gratitude: Day 27 and good tools

I have heard, through the years, if you have the right tools, you can do anything. True, so true and of course it pertains to everything. Life, for instance.

Today, I looked outside and I couldn’t see Otis. Then I saw his tail flip-up in the air and realised the grass in the yard was so high, it was dwarfing my dog.

The Skag

Time to mow and I would have done it before now except it is usually someone else’s job. That is only because the mower is a mystery to me. It is big and I thought, fairly complicated. Who needs to figure out a push mower? I can do that but the acre or so that we have now is a bit much to do by hand so…

Passion Flower Vine

I got a couple of the guys I work with to hook up to the trailer and bring the mower down to the house. They checked it for fuel, made sure it would start and handed it off to me.

Now what? If you sit in the seat and turn the key, it won’t start unless the parking brake is on and the two steering handles are in the correct position. I know it’s for my own safety. I feel pretty safe too, because I can’t get it to start.

After trying all of the possibilities, it starts and I’m on my way. Yahoo! This is fun!

Oops! The grass is so high it is bogging down the mower blades, so I slow down.  It looks like I am cutting hay, there is so much grass. So I rake it into piles. Enough for today. Time for iced tea and a lounge chair.

The next day I start picking up the piles with a rake and a wheelbarrow. All of the grass clippings, I neatly spread around the bottoms of the tree trunks to hold the wonderful moisture in the ground right now. They will also keep some of the grass from growing next to the trunks. Now that I know how to use the mower, I’m going to enjoy this.

As long as nobody tells me it is now MY job.

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