When I Ride…

Gratitude: Day 29 and a child’s sense of play…

Someone told me once, Lissa, you are a little girl in a big girl body. That’s such a nice complement.

I was the horse when I was little. I pulled the wagon and ate the grain out of my brother’s hand. I wasn’t pretending…I really was the horse. Even now, as an adult, when I watch an animal run, I can place myself in its body and feel the impact of hoof against the ground and the push as it lifts off to jump a fence or creek.

Years ago, my son and I would go out into the pasture when he was old enough to be alone out there. I was in my thirties and I would walk away from him and hide. Then I would call to him using bird sounds like we saw on the television. We were indians. I wasn’t playing an indian, I was back as a little girl…being one.

Sometimes when I ride…I look out across the horizon and try to imagine what it would be like to ride my horse as far as I can see. I am always a Plains Indian warrior…in my mind.

I believe this kind of playful thinking keeps us young and open-minded. I was talking to a cardinal the other day. It seemed like he was flying from tree to tree, following me on my ride. His brilliant red was dazzling in the sun. I asked him, are you following me? He sang his little heart out and I told him, oh, you are just showing off. 

Keep it light keep it silly

What do you do to keep a playful spirit?

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One thought on “Gratitude: Day 29 and a child’s sense of play…

  1. Maybe it was riding in the coulees near the Indian graves that did it, but I always envisioned myself as an Indian warrior … face painted, the works.

    I didn’t have an appaloosa, I had a Welsh/Arabian mix, but if I squinted my eyes just enough he looked fierce, too.

    Great post!

    One of the things I do that indulges my inner child is music – I sing my face off every chance I can – in the car, in my kitchen, where-ever. 🙂 MJ

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