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Awww, man. Day 30 of my gratitude series

This has really been fun and very enlightening. Thirty days of looking at what I am grateful for has taught me more about being in the moment so I can recognise those little things that mean so much.

Of course, there are so many more things, people… it goes on and on with everything to be grateful for but I really must mention some of my greatest teachers before this is over.

Because I ride, for fun and for a living…I have to mention some of the horses that I have learned so much from.

Starting with Dottie, my first pony who bucked me off the first time because I sat up in that saddle and kept kicking her in the ribs trying to get her to cross a creek. I think I was four. My grandfather heard me screaming and told me I had to get back on and ride her to the barn before I could quit.

Mr. Brown, first big horse, bucked when he would go into a lope. He taught me how to change horse behavior with experiment and persistence.

April, introduced me to the world of rodeo while barrel racing in highschool.

Surprise Goes Grand or “Grandy” the first horse I ever took to a horse show. He taught me how to practice,  groom for a show and visualise.

Justine was my grandparent’s mare that gave me “Cookie” The easiest horse I ever started under saddle. She validated a technique I was developing by that time.

Modelo who was as deaf as a post but I never would have believed it if the University of Louisiana hadn’t proved it to me. She read my body language like a book.

Two Eyed Oreo taught me how to team rope and stop a steer. He also saved me from losing my hand when I dropped  a loop over it as I was turning a steer in practice one night. He reacted just in time to keep it from snapping off at the wrist.

And now, LB Blues Clues or “Minnow” He taught me flying lead changes, how to ride a cutting horse, took me to the Nationals in Stock Horse competition, and high point at my first cutting horse show. Now he takes me anywhere and everywhere with grace and courage.


Thank you, God, for ALL of the wonderful horses you put in my life and thanks to all of you who read my little blog.

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2 thoughts on “Awww, man. Day 30 of my gratitude series

  1. You are so nice and horses too… I can almost understand you, this is great love. And how beautiful photographs but the last one is amazing… In your eyes in your smiling face I can see this great love, You are welcome and Thank you for sharing with us. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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