When I Ride…

Two halves of my horse


As you can see Minnow is standing with his two front feet in a tire. it took me a while to get him to put those two front feet in there but once he understood it wasn’t a bottomless pit, he did it.
The point is to isolate his front end from his back end. I asked him to move his hindquarters around the tire while his front feet stay stationary. If he decides to pull his front feet out of the tire, then we trot or lope circles in the other end of the arena.

After a little bit of that we walk back to the tire and put his front feet in there again. I get out of his mouth and sit quietly letting him rest. He understands that  this is his resting spot. The right thing is easy and the wrong thing is hard.

This weekend we compete in a new competitive trail ride association. NATRC is holding a two day ride at Storm Ranch. My first time to compete on the old homeplace and I am excited. We will be ready.

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4 thoughts on “Two halves of my horse

  1. Karen on said:

    I know you’ll both do great!

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