When I Ride…

Wham…there it is.

It is a real mind blower when you rock along thinking how unique or in my case, weird, you are…all the little criticisms have built up through the years and played like a tape in your mind over and over… you are throughly convinced that you’re a freak, not like anyone else…I mean I have heard it all my life. “You are unique, there is no one like you” and I’m sure it was meant in a good way but that was your mom speaking and the Masai say,  even the dung beetle’s mother thinks its child runs like a gazelle.

Then you watch a video on YouTube about introverts and all of a sudden, emotions come welling up from somewhere way down there by your belly button, they  close your throat and wham, there it is.

There are others out there just like you with the same burning questions, why?

Why do they like to be rowdy and I like to be quiet? Why do they love to have people over every weekend and I crave that hour of alone time? Why?

Why was I called a snob in school but was just shy or couldn’t find anyone who liked to study a bird building a nest for an hour or watch minnows in the creek?

Because we aren’t all alike. I may be different from others but there are others like me. Others whose idea of fun is to sit at a rainy window and just look outside at the world. Thank God for the ones who have to be doing something to feel satisfied. They are doing all the things I am not. And you know there is a lot to get done…

There is a difference between painfully shy and an introvert. I started off the shy one and morphed. I used to wonder if a nun’s life might be appropriate.

I love God and could sit all day and contemplate Him. Not talking would be fine for a while even though the men in my life probably think I talk too much but it’s really that I am talking about things they don’t think are important so, could you just keep it to the important stuff please? And really…they ask…do you have to think so much?

For those of you who love to spend hours writing and taking photos, maybe reading as well? It’s okay not to want to go out to a bar or spend the evening with tons of people. I know you do it so they won’t call you anti-social. I know.

There are others like you and they understand,  so…just be you. We see you and it’s okay.


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2 thoughts on “Wham…there it is.

  1. “just be you.”

    Wiser words were never spoken 🙂

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