Creatures of the dark…

“If you listen close at night, you will hear the creatures of the dark, all of them sacred – the owls, the crickets, the frogs, the night birds – and you will hear beautiful songs, songs you have never heard before. Listen with your heart. Never stop listening.”

—- Henry Quick Bear, LAKOTA

Last night I woke up to Otis barking. It was that kind of bark that meant…” Who are you, make yourself known?”

The truth be told, he probably knew it was one of the big Sable Antelope bulls. I could see the bull and one of his single bull buddies standing next to the fence. Just a silhouette but his horns arched over his back in the signature style. It still amazes me how they have gotten so calm and will come up to the house yard. Maybe it feels more safe from the coyotes and random mountain lions that pass through. I don’t really know but it’s cool to have them around.


As I was standing in the warm, black evening, I looked up at the myriad of stars and picked out the Big Dipper and Taurus, my astrological sign. The Belt of Orion and Pleiades twinkled nearby. Soon a night singing bird began to sing and I guess he was just singing for fun because wasn’t everyone else asleep?

We have been having strong winds here the last few days. Gusts up to 35 mph all day long…and although they lie more quietly in the night, I can still hear them as they push through the oak leaves above me.

Sublime…those moments…until the first mosquito bit and when the bug slapping starts, I go inside. Oh well, we have to have the annoying participants to appreciate those other moments when they aren’t around.

Thanks, mosquitoes. Even you are great teachers.

4 thoughts on “Creatures of the dark…

  1. I love stargazing. I brought a telescope a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, I now live in a highly light-polluted area. Great photo of the moon

    1. Maybe a stargazing trip is in order? Hope you don’t have to travel far but the reward would be worth it. Thank you for your compliment on the moon shot and thanks for coming by!

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