When I Ride…

Just waking up is a gift…

Number one on my list today…1. Just waking up.  Thank you for waking me up this morning, God. You gave me the breath and the desire to get up, out of bed and make the most of my new day. A day full of the promise that all I have is the NOW and I can do the best with it by simply BEING. BE the change I want to see in the world.

2. Hot tea in the yard with my dog and cat by my side. It brought tears to my eyes. It really takes so little but their desire to be next to me in the quiet of the morning was a sweet emotional treat.

3. The roadrunners that have moved into the barn area. I don’t know what other countries call them, but they are in the cuckoo family and they run on the ground, only flying occasionally in case of emergencies. This bird was my grandfather’s totem animal and their presence is a blessing to my heart.

4. Hugs. The sincere kind. They can heal the largest or smallest of wounds and no fear of applying them wrong. Just grab me and mean it.

5. Egg sandwiches. My first food of the day, fried in a bit of olive oil and placed on a piece of sprouted wheat bread with a little vegenaise…salt and pepper…it is eaten by the time I get to the barn.

Are you starting to think of the little things you are thankful for today?

Have a good one.

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3 thoughts on “Just waking up is a gift…

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Waking up is most definitely a gift.

    I was once a rider. And I still to this very day love my old horse, Irish. I love that you blog about going to the barn! I love it. All of the animals, being a part of nature, being outdoors, it’s something riders understand. They experience it every time they walk into the barn. The smell of hay and sawdust permeates the air as you tack-up and groom. Then, you get to experience the outdoors as part of a horse, seeing what he or she sees, listens for what they hear, being completely aware of your surroundings. It’s wonderful. It’s bliss.

    Please continue to blog! What you have to say is wonderful and most definitely worth reading! Thank you!

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