Someone who admits…they just don’t know.

I think it must be one of the most empowering and honest things I can say…when asked a question and not knowing the answer, instead of trying to make something up that sounds plausible…just saying, “I don’t know”

That would be number one for things I am grateful for this morning. People who will admit...they just don’t know. It seems like it would be a weakness to admit that but I think it’s a sign of a strong and honest person. Big thumbs up.

2. A freshly sharpened pencil. Can’t you just conquer the world with a really sharp pencil? The possibilities seem endless with one of those. You have a lot of lead to use, your handwriting has more of a chance to be legible and if you make a mistake, hopefully you still have enough eraser to just rub it out…like it never happened.

3.New batteries. Especially for my camera. It’s like a kick in the creative pants to put fresh batteries in my camera

4.A garden hose. What better way to play God than to walk around with a garden hose on a dry morning and decide which of the plants get a drink?

5.Clothes washing machine. I’m doing a load of sheets this morning and thanking the powers that be…that I don’t have to haul those sheets to the river and spend hours washing, rubbing on the rocks and then hanging to dry. Well, actually, even after I get them out of the machine, I like to hang them in the sun. They smell so fresh when I get in them after they have hung on the line.

I’m including a photo of our longhorn in the snow. Nice on a warm morning…

4 thoughts on “Someone who admits…they just don’t know.

  1. I can truly appreciate number 1. Sometimes, with myself I notice how refreshing it is to say I dont know. I dislike when I dont know and I feel my ego trying to force the issue as if I will lose something if I admit it….. when actually credibility is being built because my words, actions, and knowledge will be genuine! And I do happen to like a freshly sharpened pencil, or new ball point pen… fresh blank pages with no error, new sheets, container boxes… lol I can go on. If I focused on those things in life im sure id be much happier! so thanks for that!

    1. Yea…that’s why I started doing these lists. I find myself grumpy or impatient and then I just shift my focus to at least one thing in the situation that I am grateful for and life is suddenly easier and filled with grace.I’m trying to make it a habit…

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