A fresh glass of cool, clean water…

As I woke up this morning, I reached to the bedside table and picked up the glass of water I had set there the night before as I laid down after a long but rewarding day. What a habit, to just pick up a glass of water and drink it. This morning I thought of how some people would have to get up, put a barrel on top of their head and walk over a mile to get water out of a muddy hole so that they would have something to drink and cook with.

First on the list…fresh drinking water.

2. an easy repair. Otis has been chewing on my water hose out in the yard. I went to the hardware store, bought one of the menders that puts the two severed ends together with collars that screw down tight. All I needed was a phillips head screw driver. Easy mend. Now how do you fix the dog?

3. Good music in a small bar. I’m grateful that there are still small bars where you can walk in, have a beer and listen to pretty good music for free. Well, there are many places like that in Austin, Texas anyway…

4. I’m grateful for the energy and face of the person who is giving you something that they are really excited about. And don’t you love that feeling too? When you give someone something that you know they are just going to love? It’s like two presents. One for them and the feeling is one for you.

5. A conversation between two people who are really listening to each other. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Think about what that would look like to you and try it today. I’m going to.

Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “A fresh glass of cool, clean water…

    1. Just recently stopped into one of those small places and they had the most extraordinary beer. Brewed in Texas it was an amber ale that went perfectly with the girl playing the guitar off to the side. Everything is so big now, Wal-Mart, Costco, giant domes with nose bleed seats and you have to watch the artist on a screen near you…love those little places. Thanks.

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