Evidence of the “Bigger Picture”…

Don’t we experience it all the time? Seemingly random occurences that actually , in hindsight, had to happen for the interesting and amazing new situation you are in…to be a reality?

We had a small fire in the wall of the house. At the time we are all agreeing it could have been a huge tradgedy…then the man who we call to fix it brings a master carpenter who also happens to be one of my best friend’s, reclusive husband. No one has really gotten to know him well,  he likes to keep to himself. He meets my husband who also kind of sticks to his own crowd and before long…they are buddies.

That would be all well and good except while all of this fire, friendship is happening, my girlfriend’s body is starting the process of letting go of her spirit. She dies a couple of months later. Now her husband, who didn’t have many friends here and is going through his grieving process, has a new, really good friend in my husband, right when he needs it most.

Only God could have let a fire happen that seemed like a bad thing and through the process of reconstructing the room…also construct a new and blessed friendship for these two guys.

Grateful for so much in that last story. Take your pick.

#2. The sound of bees. The Cenizo bushes, also called Purple Sage, are in full and heavy bloom outside the front door. As I step out onto the porch to feed the cat, the sound of the buzzing reminds me that the giant world of nature is steadily moving on, with or without me.

3. Peaches in the summer. The local peaches from around Fredericksburg are being sold on the side of the roads now. People under big umbrellas with boxes of the sweet, fragrant pink jewels, sell them to the passers-by and I snagged me a few of them yesterday. Of course they are all gone because the best part was sharing them with everyone when I got home. That means I’ll just have to buy more because i will be putting some of them into safe keeping in the freezer for a welcome treat in the dead of winter.

4. Finding an antler shed in the pasture.  Finding a deer or elk antler, never gets old. I’m riding along and what I thought was a dead, leafless branch is actually an antler. In the case of an elk antler, it’s always a challenge to figure out how to tie it to my saddle for the trip back to the barn. They get used for decorations and all kinds of things.

5. My grandmother’s old clothes.  When she passed…I went in her closet, with my grandfather’s permission, and picked out some of my favorite pieces of her clothing to hold onto for a while. Just until I was ready to let go. These pieces have gotten pushed back to the rear of the closet so I decided to retrieve them and have removed the beautiful, shell buttons from them. I will keep those and plan to string them together for earrings or something pretty to wear. I know she would approve.

We had a magnificent thunderstorm roll through about 5:30 this morning. The lightning show was so bright it came through my eyelids to show me it was here. I almost got up to take pictures but some things just need to stay in the imagination. Have a wonderful day, world.

5 thoughts on “Evidence of the “Bigger Picture”…

  1. Your messages and thoughts on these recent post, very deep and good philosophy, every day is different and we can learn so much. Thanks for sharing your expiencias and otherwise, that road that you photographed is great.
    Adiós Estrella del Norte…

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