When I Ride…

An unexpected laugh…

You ever watch someone, for whatever reason and then they turn around and catch you? I used to turn my head and pretend I wasn’t looking but when I caught someone looking at me and they pretended they weren’t…it was weird. I started wondering why they were staring and then my mind went into overdrive. Now, if someone catches me, I just smile and when I do…a laugh always comes out. It just leaks out like I can’t help it. Then they usually laugh and it’s all good. No feelings are hurt. Well, I love that little laugh. The smile and chuckle that makes someone’s day when it wasn’t expected. Like a little present. It’s scripture! Laughter is like medicine to the bones!

2. I love when a smell triggers a childhood memory. usually catching me off guard…it will take me back so fast it makes my head spin. The latest one was the smell of a plant blooming that used to grow in the alley behind our house when I was around four years old. Smell is an amazing sence.

3. Speaking of smell…I so appreciate the smell of cedar. When it gets hot in the summer, I can smell the cedar tree sap starting to warm up because it gives off that wonderful smell. Pinon is a close second.

4. The smell of dirt right after it starts raining! Even the tarmac or pavement has a sweet smell when the raindrops first hit. I have been known to stop everything and just take a whiff.

5. Bacon and onions cooking. If I walk into someone’s home and smell that…I’m staying for supper.

So today was all about smells. Interesting…what are some of your favorites?

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4 thoughts on “An unexpected laugh…

  1. An interesting and fun post.
    I like the scent of pine forests.
    The salty breeze from the sea.
    The smell of the stables.
    The perfume for women.
    My perfume for men is Black XS Paco Rabane

  2. Oh, there are so many different smells that gives so many different associations. The smell of fresh spruce and sigar means christmas, lilacs and old fashioned roses is heaven, the nature after rain, all all those different food and wines, sleeping dogs have nice smell. Horses. Arriving at a new country, exciting.

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