She thinks I am “Illuminating”…

I’ve said it before…I think I would be writing almost everyday, expressing myself on paper or online, whether you read it or not. Don’t misunderstand. I love sharing. I love the feedback. It’s very rewarding to hear from someone that something I wrote meant something to them or they appreciated a photo.

When the writer from Hot Rod Cowgirl, a fun blog about a woman who rides horses and buys and sells hot rod cars up north, wrote me to say she had given me the Illuminating Blogger Award, it gave me a big smile and a skip in my step. Sure it would. It’s nice to be recognized.

When I receive one of theses awards, I always want my readers to have a chance to read or see photos of some of the neat blogs I check out so first let me give you the link to the Hot Rod Cowgirl, (click on her name) and here are a few more sites you might like to check out.

Since I’m writing about five things I appreciate right now…1. The View Out Here     Amazing photos, horse and Montana themed, woman writer.

2. Lust and Rum     An urban photography site, he is also a poet and writes soulful thoughts about the big city. Mainly New York City.

3. Cruz del Sur    An Argentinian writer and photographer, his site also travels to Patagonia and other nearby treasures. Written in Spanish, it has a translation button you can push to read in your language and great music to read by. Enjoy.

4. Emjay and Them     M.J. presents a bright spot each post and many reflect her love of her new country, The United States, (she is also Canadian) and observations on people, family and a little life coaching thrown in…

5. Airports Made Simple     This site is for travelers. It posts reader’s suggestions for ways to simply navigate airports mentioned on the site. I just had her add the Austin Airport but haven’t added my suggestions yet. If you would like to add your airport, you can send her a message and then help us all out by posting info that you think is helpful.

Gratitude. Pay it forward…

One thought on “She thinks I am “Illuminating”…

  1. Or well, you deserve this award and I am delighted to hear about your news as good. Congratulations and thanks for mentioning my blog for the continuation of the award is an honor for me.

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