When I Ride…

I live on an ancient, shallow ocean floor…

Thankfully, the ocean isn’t here anymore. All that remains is the amazing evidence in the way of fossils and as time passed and the sea receded…the tracks of the dinosaurs that once roamed this area. They date from the Cretaceous Era.



When I go hiking or just for a nice exercise around our property here, my eyes alternate between the sky above and the ground below. I’m on the lookout for fossils and arrowheads.

It seems like everyone but me has found an arrowhead but I do find the most amazing fossils.

Coral and shells mostly. Many ammonites that are relatives of the Nautilus.

What claim to fame does your corner of the world hold for all of us to know about?  Give us the name of your local claim to fame  and we can “google” the rest.



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2 thoughts on “I live on an ancient, shallow ocean floor…

  1. That footprint is WAY cool!!


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