Someone who waits before answering…

I’m on the road, so this morning I stopped somewhere that had a cafe latte, outdoor seating for Otis and free wi-fi.

I think that would be one of the things I am grateful for this morning. The Cafe Latte. Only once in a while, will I succumb to one of these. I’m not a coffee drinker. I love the smell but it seems bitter to me in taste. It also gets my heart racing and I feel out of sorts for a while.

I could start a whole new blog about what I have been going through with a relative that is mentally ill but I will save you the drama. I would like to speak to anyone who has a loved one that has been diagnosed as bi-polar or schizophrenic. You are not alone. You can read about it to your heart’s content but the really helpful thing for me has been to discuss it with other people who have been or are going through the same thing.

I don’t discuss my situation with the intention of  finding some one to feel sorry for me but to talk to someone who has tried remedies for the situation and knows what helps and what doesn’t. I refuse to think of it as “sad”. It is what it is, and labeling it with all of the thoughts that can come up is not helpful. One can only try to help the ill person to be safe and then at some point, you have to let them play out their journey, because if they are an adult, the law gives them the right to be mentally ill and live on the street if they so choose.

God doesn’t make mistakes, does He? I will have to trust that all is as it should be.

Wow! Okay…moving on…so the coffee is number one on my list this morning.

2.  The soft sound of my dog snoring. Mu little black, hairy friend, he lies beside me and snores like a big dog. Sometimes he jerks his legs and starts to whimper. I know he must be chasing a rabbit or that is what I would like to believe. Sweet dog dreams, I hope.

3.  Any fork in the road.   Literally and metaphorically, I am grateful for options. I could pack it up and leave if I want to. Load up only the bare essentials and drive until the gas runs out. I could…but I’m not there. Life is a school and I’m in a great classroom where I am at the moment.

4.  Someone who thinks before they answer.   I was eavesdropping on two men talking about an intense subject. I could tell that one of them was very emotionally involved in the conversation. He was speaking loud enough for everyone to hear…and the other man sat and listened. He didn’t offer any advise. Finally, after the emotional man seemed to have gotten out everything he wanted to say, he asked the other man,” What do you think”?  I know the whole room was waiting to hear what he would say because we all had our own opinions. It must have been a good 30 seconds before the answer came. ” You will know what to do when the time comes” he said. You could feel the whole room take a deep breath and relax. The energy shift from one of  anxious-ness to peace. It was amazing to feel…and listen to …and watch. It was an answer that empowered every one in the room.

5.  And on a whole different note…Samba Music!   Thank you Brazil 66. I have been listening to Brazil 66 and other musicians on Pandora while riding the horses. I think my horses are learning to trot to the beat because of the involuntary shifts of weight I give them while listening to the music. How can you not? Best dance music ever and…so romantic.

Put some on…it will change your day! I guarantee!

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