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Sweeping away the Titmouse feathers…

The broom is an ancient and universal tool. Whether you have a dirt floor or one of white polished marble, someone is going to sweep it. I was thinking about that as I started my morning ritual of sweeping out, first the kitchen, then the entry way and finally the patio where there was an odd assortment of things that had collected since my sweep the morning before. The cat had killed and plucked the feathers from a Black-Crested Titmouse, a sweet little bird with a black tuft on its head. It flits and flies from perch to perch around the house.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Otis had brought one of my lunge whips over from the barn and neatly and completely chewed the long swinging part off of it. What was left, lay beside a deer antler and one of my sponges. I had started a job with it, set it down when I got distracted and obviously not finished. The consequence was that it too, had been chewed into fifty or so small, uniform pieces. Blossoms from the begonia that hangs by the door, had fallen and their pink and fushia colored petals were scattered here and there on the gravel and concrete surface. I don’t mind sweeping. It symbolizes a fresh beginning to the day. It warms my muscles and gives me a chance to clear my head of the sleep fog that lingers. I actually treasure this time in the morning. It is my meditation.

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4 thoughts on “Sweeping away the Titmouse feathers…

  1. Sometimes these things happen, cats are hunters soul. You know, I have a dog ew at home and is very active, but the sweetness counteracts all the bad things he does. Another thing, that beautiful beach in the photo of Mexico, now here is doing 0 ° Celsius, I dream of a beach well … good shot. Peace my friend.

  2. I bet that beach looks good right now…it is 93F here. So hot! Otis is a puppy. I am patient.

    • Linda on said:

      And I am in Colorado where it is cool, but not as cool as it used to be at this time….met a new feline friend today at the place where I was buying Marigolds to plant in hopes the deer wouldn’t devour my flowers, but conversely I also bought three salt/mineral licks or them to enjoy. Conundrum? Miss you – come ride here in the fall when I’m pronounced “healed’ from this fracture..

      • You are healed! There, I’ve said it and now we wait for you to feel it. Love the deer, if they would only “act right” i.e. not act like deer….I would love to come to Colorado to ride with you. Maybe this will be the year!

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