When I Ride…

Shades of Green…

Fig Leaves

While in Houston, I took a long hike along a shaded walking trail in the area where I was staying. There are so many plants that will grow in the more tropical Houston but not grow where I live which is about a four-hour drive north. It is too cold up there for these plants to survive through the winter so I took photos to look them up in my books when I got home.

I went to the Beach Boys concert and was well equipped with my two favorite lenses so I could catch some super shots but as I approached the gate where a kind and understanding man was taking tickets, he shook his head in sympathy as I vented my frustration at having to check my entire camera bag at the counter and take away only a small ticket in hand to prove I was the owner after the concert was over. It wasn’t his fault. I hope he didn’t have to listen to many more of the disappointed photographers out there. He let me take my iPhone.

It was a quick trip and I never actually got into the city. The Woodlands is a suburb of Houston and we ate locally and swam and hiked nearby. The humidity was a nice change, but I am glad I don’t live in the thick, moist air.

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10 thoughts on “Shades of Green…

  1. Bummer about your camera…they do that to us too at the hockey games…least you had your phone!
    Not a fan of heavy, wet air either. Ugh…people in that area and parts of the Midwest are so much tougher than I’ll ever be.

  2. I have been waiting to hear about your concert trip. I did not know it was in The Wodlands…that is ‘my hometown’ very grown up since I left. I recognized the Cynthia Woods MItchell pavillion. I hope you had a great time….Where did you swim?
    Miss you

    • I could easily get lost in the Woodlands. Seems there is a store, Starbucks or gym behind every tree. Like a maze with hidden secrets. We swam at a friend’s house. They live over on Falcon Wing by the park. We also took a drive out to Montgomery to look for Jay’s family cemetary. Found it. Fun trip.

  3. We saw James Taylor at that same Woodlands venue … dang it’s a long, long walk from the car to the seating area, isn’t it? I still miss Ninfa’s … sigh.

    Was the concert good? Hope so,


  4. I love the Beach Boys! We saw them in Virginia Beach at the oceanfront last year for the Patriots Fest. We stood for an hour on the Broadwalk saving just the right spot to see them. We were also very luck to see them just before Carl Wilson died in 1998. It was a show we won’t forget.

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