That moment belongs to God…

God’s moment…

The truth is…you and I are only in control of two things:

1. How we prepare for what might happen

2. How we respond to what just happened

The moment when these things actually do happen belongs to God.

– Devon Franklin

10 thoughts on “That moment belongs to God…

      1. 🙂 If we look for God’s blessings, they are all around us…and I do think if we are prepared by staying positive that things will work out or that life will be good and good stuff will happen…if we truly live it and believe we will be blessed we will:) Love your quotes and thoughts as they make you think:)

  1. Nice depiction. I question God alot!!!! I can understand God has to exist in this space we know as the world BUT how does God relate to me?….. Where is the break between my choices and Gods will? Does God even have a will for my life, particularly in what ways…. But what you captured displays what I know God to be! So thank you for that! BTW… I just rode my first horse the other day. It was amazing, even though my butt bones were in pain and kinda still are, lol

    1. Your comment is very thought filled and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for it and I know the exact bones you are talking about. Riding can be a bit painful the next day if you aren’t used to it but hey! You did it and that in itself is AWESOME.

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