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On top of the mesa…in the cholla

Six o clock came early but I knew the hot tea and coffee were waiting for us in the sitting room down the hall. We got in last night, to Ojo Caliente, an old hot springs resort north of Santa Fe. I wouldn’t say it is well known…just that it is popular with the locals and folks who don’t mind off the beaten path.

I lay in bed for a minute, the sun shining through the window shudders. My friend Squid, I call her…she and I planned the night before, that a hike to the top of the mesa was in order. We were in the mood to explore the ancient ruins of Posi Ouinge, an Anasazi ruin located at the end of the trail.

Leaving our lodging and comfortable beds behind, we started the trip up the side of the mesa, granite rocks surrounding us and mica glittering in the sun.

Cholla cactus and white sage greet us as we reached the top. The smell of the sage and pinon trees in the sun was the desert’s best perfume. River rocks are nature’s sculptures and a bird rests on the nearby cactus and stays to chat for a minute.

Pottery shards litter the mesa top, remnants of an ancient civilization and exposed by artifact thieves. We walk on and apologize to the ancestors for the actions of others.

Pottery shards

I can almost hear them say…just remember…you are small and there were so many who came and went before you.

Respect our name and culture as you explore.

We did.

Cholla Cactus

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7 thoughts on “On top of the mesa…in the cholla

  1. Great good story and better photos … 🙂

  2. Gracias! Todo lo mejor para usted.

  3. Great toe polish! 😉 Your pictures look so serene…I hope it has been.
    p.s. that hurt your eyes

  4. cats are great but not very good typists!

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