When I Ride…

Does he see me?

Yes, he does. That was my answer to the question this morning’s rider asked, as she walked into the pen to catch her horse.

Well, he isn’t looking at me…she commented.

He is very aware of your presence, I assured her and thought of how obvious the horse’s body language was communicating his desire to not only avoid being caught by her but also the horse next to him was warning him…don’t come over here as you try to get away!

I asked her to stop and notice what I was seeing.

Words were not being used, it was all body language.

I asked her, you know when someone comes into the room and you don’t really want to talk to them…how you close your body off to them by turning your back or looking down and not making eye contact?

That is what he is doing to you so you will need to make it worth his while and approach him in a non-threatening matter. When you reach him, instead of immediately putting the halter on his head…

go to his shoulder and scratch his itch up there and then work your way up his neck. Just stand there for a minute doing that and he will probably offer his head to you.

Go ahead…see what happens.

Like communicating with humans…90% is non-verbal. Lesson learned…

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2 thoughts on “Does he see me?

  1. It is something people without some kind of compassion for animals will never understand. Yes indeed, an animal has feelings. Very much more intense than human beings’. A horse does not understand our language, so it reacts exaggerated to our own behavior. If you run into the box with waving arms you have to be crazy. On the other hand, if you are standing in front of a horse or another animal and you show fear, you will not be able to connect as well. You described it nicely. Get familiar with the horse, scratch his neck gently and for a short while, also talk in a quiet yet confident voice to him. And you will see why people love to work with or for animals.

    Very nice picture to this story 🙂

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