In rivers…nature and travel

In rivers, that which you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes. So it is with present time  – Leonardo de Vinci

I was driving. I do that a lot. If I’m not riding or reading or writing, I seem to be driving. It is an escape, of course. An escape from circumstances, environment…maybe nothing is so bad…just wishing for a change.

I passed a low water crossing and saw two large dogs in the shallow part of a river.

They were large dogs and with their heads down, it looked like they were fishing.

How nice for them to be so content, I thought. Just to stand in the river, feel the water passing over their feet and to be fine with all that is.

I pulled over to the side of the road to take a picture and as I set up I wished to be one of the dogs.

I tried to imagine, the cool water flowing through the long dog hair. Paws in pebbles…

I carry an assortment of things with me in my car. One of them is a bathing suit.

Soon, I too, was in the water. It was a hot day and the first three inches below the surface was warm. My legs were in cool. I swam on my back and then went under water to feel the river flow through my long hair. My feet were in the pebbles and all was well.

Why? When I had stopped my car, I was not satisfied and now I was happy. What had changed?

My way of thinking. The past was still the same. The future was only presenting itself but I was in the moment and I was thinking joyful thoughts about the moment. It was really the only REAL thing. All of the other thoughts were just that, thoughts and able to be changed. Changed to thankful thoughts.

5 thoughts on “In rivers…nature and travel

  1. Wonderful achievement for your soul and spirit, which is let flow is important desire for freedom that so often we stop for daily tasks …
    A brilliant and inspiring post, because sometimes the simple can have a value that can not be quantified.

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