We will “hear” it when we are ready…

As I was listening to a morning meditation that I have listened to before, I heard something different. The voice was talking about our Kapha. According to Ayurvedic medicine…

To remain alive, your body has to have Vata, or motion, which allows it to breathe, circulate blood, pass food through the digestive tract, and send nerve impulses to and from the brain.

It has to have Pitta, or metabolism, which processes food, air and water throughout the entire system.

It has to have Kapha, or structure, to hold the cells together and form muscle, fat, bone and sinew. Nature needs all three to build a human body.

I had listened before, to this meditation, and never heard that explanation and I began to wonder why.

When I went to training clinics taught by Ray Hunt, one of the pioneers of the horse behavior movement,  the concepts he was explaining about training were, frankly, way over my head at the time. Not until I had more experience did I “hear’ them.

I have noticed that about the Bible. I can read a passage over and over and then one day, it finds its way “into” me and I have “heard” it. I think I just finally hear things when I’m ready.

How about you? Have you noticed this to be true for you as well?

2 thoughts on “We will “hear” it when we are ready…

  1. Yes, very true for me as well. Seems like the “message” doesn’t really get through until we’re ready (or make ourselves ready) to hear it.
    Your post brought to mind something my dad said to me a long time ago..”You’ll see it when you *believe* it” (and not the other way around). I find it applies to countless things in life.

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