Do we really need more?

I just got back from a trip to California. It wasn’t pleasure or business, just necessary family stuff. I was feeling the pressure of the expenditures…plane ticket, rental car, gas…fuel is so expensive out there compared to Texas…

I woke up this morning in a cool, soft bed, a little sleepy but so comfortable and I could hear the river below the hill. One of my first thoughts was I need to get back to work to pay for that trip and my stomach got tight.

I walked to the kitchen to heat water for my tea and I heard a ruckus at the bird feeder. A juvenile cardinal was screeching at its mother, feed me, feed me! The mother and baby were standing in the bird feeder, on top of the seed and she was diligently stuffing seeds in its mouth.

Isn’t that how we can be with God? He has us standing in His abundance for us and we are looking up to Him screaming, feed me, feed me!

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