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Filling the storage bins…14 days away and the Weekly Challenge

I bought a couple of large storage containers at Target, to put non-perishable food items in for my trip to the desert. Now that statement there, requires a bit of explanation so let me add…I am also getting the storage container up here between my ears, filled with new fun facts so that I can know about where I’m going, what to expect weather wise, and not show up needing to drive to some far off town to buy all the stuff that I didn’t think of because I didn’t do my research. At 5000 feet above sea level in October in the high desert, I may need a a few items I’m not using here at home. Light jacket, warmer coat, tall boots, hoodie…


Can you tell I’m excited?

Fourteen days till departure. I have figured my gas money and my route. I know approximately where I will spend the night on the way up. Artesia, New Mexico will have a spot to camp. I am sure of it. Unless the weather is bad, I would always rather camp. Hot tea on my one burner stove, sitting in the cool morning air…will it happen that way? I hope so.

This week the Photo Challenge theme is: Near and Far

This bug was so interesting to observe up close. The background is far away…I like his orange lips. Do bugs have lips?

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2 thoughts on “Filling the storage bins…14 days away and the Weekly Challenge

  1. Interesting post.Regards.Jalal

    • Thank you Jalal. I am beginning a transition to new things, new ways of thinking and I’m really excited about it. I hope you will check back and see how it’s going. Thanks for visiting and reading!

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